Monday, 28 September 2009


Hi People Mr. Rogers Prime Minister Gordon Brown

The following is the latest email that I sent various Housing Associations and of course Cardiff County Council. It will raise again various issues the one I would like Mr. Rogers to address is that yet again I have been sent yet another Re-Housing application form. Thats two over the last few months, not the original one that the Probation service sent me, so here is the quetion. Mr. Rogers Prime Minister I can assume can I that on receipt of these Re-Housing forms some data processor places is on the Councils Computer System? That the only thing that appears in need of change is the 'What area would you like to live in Crazydave?' maybe they would like me to knock off the Bungalow part as well, and put single bedroom flat, that I am loath to do and those reasons have been gone over a thousand times or so it seems. But I believe the email from me outlines why the blogs preceeding this along with the videos outline why. So is it wasting Council resorces sending out these Re-Housing application forms, as I know do have a Re-Housing dept email address, and that might be a swifter means of communication, like 'we have taken into account your situation Crazydave and we have a bungalow vacant in Z-area at this time' Jolly good says I put me down for that. But oh no just another form, and I hate these official forms with avengence now Mr. Rogers because one size does not fit all.

So this weekend Mr. Rogers I had the numb nuts throwing there waste bread onto my bird feeder. I am not amused by that Mr. Rogers more incitement, more piss taking? Sorry but the language appears to fit. So I threw it over their side of the garden (Where oh Where is that back fence Mr. Rogers where Oh where is that back door Mr. Rogers none of that appears in your oops Cardiff County Council have been real nice to you Crazydave report of yours.)

Then when I went inside my home I seem to remember saying something like 'If you wanna feed the birds, go to the park or build your own effing bird feeder, but keep your crap outta my garden' Did anyone hear Crazydave? Who do we point the finger at for this bit of Damn Cheek! Mr. Rogers me thinks Crazydave had you had a pro active response to the claims of harassment or threats of violence maybe I wouldn't have had to face that bit of 'lets fxxk with the arsehole down stairs shall we?' this weekend. So on the morrow of receiving this can you do anything about that.

Then there is the case of the gas fire needing servicing. The geezer knocked today, no appointment I was supposed to ring, not that said geezer would be allowed entry the last time I had to ask that someone else come instead of him, and I have yet to upload the videos of that gentlemans last visit to the property, the fixing the gas fire to the wall visit that was not done with the installation of which no one from Cardiff County Council came to inspect after it was fitted new. There is a previous blog about that Mr. Rogers. So I guess that to put off having the council send me another letter about compliance or we are gonna bust your door in, I shall have to ring again and say not Colin at such and such a time, but will the Ombudsman say well we want that permanent fence between Crazydaves and the owner of 15a or else? Oh no you8 have got to be joking Crazydave.

Here then is the email and one reply from Cardiff County Councils Re-Housing unit?

Hello everyone

I hope that none of you mind me sending this to you all in one go. But I am getting despondant of any help from Cardiff county Council or the local government ombudsman. For the Connect to Cardiff person reading this I would appreciate you forwarding it to the re-housing unit as I do not have their email address, and it is not on the councils system.

I should like to introduce myself as David Gabriel next april I will be 52 yrs old, I am currently living at 15 Gxxx xxx Cardiff a former three bedroom property, cut into two one bedroom flats where I am the ground floor tenant. The property has never met minimum building standard regulations for airbourne or floor to ceiling sound transmission values and I have been and still am suffering from threats of violence, harassment intimidation and threats to burn my property.

In january of this year at a Full Council meeting I asked 'when is the victimisation going to end?' as I have repeatedly asked to be re-housed since 2002, when the first threat of violence came my way from the tenant living above. The re-housing unit would have everyone believe that it is only since oct last that I have submitted are-housing form. They sent it back because I had placed 'anywhere' as a area to live, I did that because I did not know what areas they had any bungalows in. I believe their refusal to place me on the list then was part of an ongoing blacklisting by Cardiff County Council to my self. Why? In all ways I consider myself an ideal tenant, and thus have not earned their dispite.

I am a mental health sufferer who has now very little trust of anyone in high office and live as a recluse in the main. I am writing to you all in the hope that one of you will be able to do what Cardiff County Council have been willing to do on health grounds and that is to offer me either a bungalow or a two bedroom house on the self same grounds, and be of any assistance you can with helping me in the moving process i.e. dealings with the DWP as far as grants to be re-housed go.

I understand that many of you are on the Common Waiting List but as that ias overseen by Cardiff County Council I fear that my name would never be at the top of the list. So if you believe that you can be of any help please email me at the address you received this, with any question that you may have. I am in receipt of benefit due to my mental health issues, and Cardiff County Council have never had any issue in receiving their rent.

for those who would like confirmation of the issues I would point you to where the ongoing saga of me searching for one person to be of any help is there for all to see.

I trust that you will not be put off by the name that I use for the blogs, and I should mention that in some of them the language might offend certain people more so in the videos that I have placed on youtube, that done in the hope of shaming someone at the welsh assembly to get involved, and I also believe many a good idea for the greater good of all are in the public domain.
All the Best David Gabriel

These are the emails addresses of the recipients:;;;;;;;;;;

This was the reply from the Re-Housing Unit

Hello Mr Gabriel, I write in response to the e-mail below.

I can confirm that your application to transfer was received in October 2008 however the application form was incomplete and therefore returned to you for completion.

To date we do not appear to have received the form back, therefore another form has been sent to you today for completion and return. Providing the form is returned to us in the envelope provided straight away, your application will be backdated to your original application date. I will then be able to respond to your e-mail in full with details of your application on the common waiting list.

Please note it is important that you complete and return the form as soon as possible to avoid further delays. If you require any assistance with the form, please contact either your local housing office or Marland House, Central Square, Cardiff, who can offer help completing the form.

Many thanks.
Regards / Cofion
Janis Sansom Senior Allocations Officer / Uwch Swyddog Dosbarthau Cardiff Council/Cyngor Caerdydd Willcox House/Ty Willcox *: (: 02920 537261 Ê: 02920 537582

Now can you tell me Mr. Rogers is all the information on the form on Computer and if not why not, and if you do a thorough investigation you will see that my request for re-housing has indeed been since Feb 2002, not oct 2008. That indeed this request for the new form to be filled in is a waste of my time, and council resourses.

So what todo Eh Crazydave! send this to the Re-Housing unit and say excuse me how many points do you get per year being on the list for Re-Housing, cos I really want it back dated to the 2002 Feb date Mr. Rogers if there are 100 points for each year. Check with Taff Housing Tenant Support teams remit for thier attendance on me at that time, if you doubt me. Check all the letters that I have sent, or the emails or the blogs its mentioned over and over and over again.

Well there we go abit more Open Democracy bet if it was their business they wouldn't be so eager to spend the money on all these forms, eh Crazydave. I guess not. eh Mr. Rogers? Eh Mr Brown?

All the Best People which means homes of their own for the Mental Health Sufferers, where those who like to have a bit of fun at their expense are swiftly dealt with eh Mr. Rogers Maybe I ought to have the rent monies paid into a bank account and with hold it till all my issues are attended to Mr. Rogers then maybe I would get some action from someone.
Hi Mr. Rogers, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Leader of the opposition Mr. David Cameron, People
I have been having solution ideas again this time with regards the housing list and being on it and all that. Here then is the solution that has come to my mind.
If all Councils across Wales had a web page just like Estate Agents, and they put up their vacant properties as well as those of people who would like an exchange, with easy access like login in with your library card to book a computer, then the choices available would be for that of all Wales, not just Cardiff or the surrounding areas, and you wouldn't have to put Splott or Landaff North, or Cardiff bay on any online form, and you would know how many points you have on your account, because maybe there is still the points system in operation. Yes there may be other things that might need dealing with but for a starter I think it would be a great idea.
Because for one you wouldn't be in the hands of a council worker who just may just may like to play games with prospective tanants applications finding any excuse not to process them with things like areas or age. It would keep it out of their hands, plus I would know if there were options in West Wales or North Wales if I really fancy a change of sceanery, and just maybe just maybe this would be another selling point for the promoting Social Housing over that of home ownership as the better option for the future of housing in the uk?
but what if twenty people all put in for the same property Crazydave, what then? Is it first come first served? Do the people with the most points get the property then? Maybe they all go into a lucky dip pot at the end of any particular week, computer operated, so that council employees cannot fiddle the result and hey presto! This weeks lucky tenants are! All that can be decided when the option of having this web site for all the Social Landlords in Wales is maybe taken up by all those concerned with Social Houaing and they all get on the first Ministers case and say 'First Minister Make it so'
Maybe then we would not have what on the surface appears, ghettoisation of certain ethnic groups in our cities. the same system might just be taken up in England and Scotland with the option of applying to or transferring with those areas from Wales if you choose and Scots and English being able to do the same for Welsh vacancies or home swops.
But as a more open and transparent system than currently operates out of Cardiff County Council it appears to me a wonder that its never been mooted before. Much like the switching off of street lights eh Crazydave? Yep much like. A much more Customer Freindly system at the least, total freedom of areas less chance of any social control by councils of ethnic groups, less chance of your application being held up as well eh Crazydave? yep much less chance of that occuring.
All that needs doing Mr. Rogers is for the Ombudsman to make it an urgent recommendation, and for the housing associations to also get intouch with you backing the introduction of such a system. Photos of the properties, maybe even google earth maps so that you can see what fascilities are in the surrounding area?
But thats for when the system has been given that green light, solving some of the issues like area with one fell swipe, i.e. ANYWHERE, means just that ANYWHERE!!
Hope you like it Mr. Rogers, I hope the PM likes it I hope Rhodri n the rest of the Assembly like it, I hope that the Media like it, not that I am likely to gain the cudos for recommending it, like all the other recommedations that I have been forwarding and forwarding and forwarding to so far no results on my and other mental health sufferes behalf.
Much like I would like to ask at a Full Council Meeting, when are Cardiff County Council and the Welsh Assembly Government going to start introducing Water Wheels along the River Taff for the production of renewable electrical energy, in order to reduce Carbon Emmisions and to reduce their street lighting bill???
Its not as if the Taff will not produce electricity 365 days a year 24/7 is it Mr. Rogers, but then maybe the Ombudsman couldn't care about climate change or holding government to account over renewable energy targets the solution brought forward by 5 or 15 years via an implementation of Water Wheel ussage eh Crazydave?
Is it maladminisatrative for them not to have begun the process where plans are laid for the situation of said Water Wheels?? or are they all hoping to spend billions on big projects and micro generation can go swanny? Heck the investment money is bound to be available, and if it isn't then the state ought to be making it so!
Well that's me for today anyone care to get back to me, with an 'I like the idea of this web page for Social Housing Vacancies or Swops being National rather than regional Crazydave!' that would be a nice change.